Barry Brown

Professor of Human Computer Interaction at Stockholm University, Research Director of the Mobile Life Research Centre.

My work combines computer science and social sciences to explore new technologies for leisure and entertainment. I explore how we can study and design for the enjoyment that technology can bring.

The introduction to my CHI talk on Yelp… 

The paper is here:

Happy new year!

Two recent publications of mine are forthcoming in this new year.  The first comes from some work looking at foursquare data where we explore the ways in which check-in data are not about location.   It’s fun…

Rost, M., Barkhuus, L., Cramer, H., Brown, B. (2013) Representation and communication: Challenges in interpreting large social media datasets. To appear in Proceedings of CSCW’13, Feb 23-27, San Antonio, Texas.

The second comes from work developing a new method of recording smartphone screens and recording device use “in vivo”.  I think this paper does a really nice job of opening up a whole new way of studying smartphone use.  More broadly it questions how we have thought of mobility when studying mobile technology:

Brown, B., McGregor, M., Laurier, E (2013) iPhone in vivo: video analysis of mobile device use.  To appear in Proceedings of CHI ’13, Paris, France, ACM Press.

New York Time coverage

Some coverage of my work with Eric Laurier has appeared in the new york times: “When GPS Confuses, You May Be to Blame”.  It doesn’t quite get the argument right, but it’s great to see the research having a life outside the conference hall.  It also got picked up by a few local newspapers and the Sydney Morning Herald, which I used to read when I lived in Australia - that made me happy.

There’s also a interview with me for "Voice of America" on the same research.